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SEE: Woman Sends Accidental Text Message, Then Eventually MARRIES Him!

Today we are sharing the story of couple that will make you delete your tinder account. This story is about how they meet? This is the story how they first meet?

St. Louis couple, Kasey Bergh and Henry Glendening gets connected three year ago. This happens when Bergh accidentally sent a text to Glendening. And their first meeting was also unbelievable and proved that love at first sight is possible. Read their whole story in this short compilation.

This Is The Message That Connected Them.

Bergh sent this message to Glendening, thinking he was a colleague. Glending received this message when he is on his way to work in St. Louis, Mo and replied politely that she got an wrong number.

Luckily Their Conversation Grew Up

They start sharing their love song, movies and books to each other. And decided to meet in a cafe a week later.

Glendening Is 23 And Bergh Is 53. Meet with Each Other on Decided Time and Place

Although there was a big difference in their age. They still fall in each other's love at first sight.

Bergh Had Been Divorced For Six Year And Accepted Her Single Life. But One Day She Received A Voice Memo.

This voice memo is from Glendening and contains three word 'I LOVE YOU'.

After Two Year Of Dating, Glendening Proposed Her In Their Favuorite Restaurant With Her Favorite Song-“Thank You”-Playing In Back Ground.

A year later, they were married in a small ceremony.

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