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SEE: What Happens To A Woman’s Body During Childbirth

Bringing new life to earth is most powerful gift a woman have. During pregnancy a woman have to suffer from lot of problems. And body changes are one of them. A woman's body begins to change immediately after conception to accommodate another growth inside her. As the pregnancy proceeds, her body changes further in order to adapt the needs of both mother and her child. These changes make a woman’s life more difficult. During pregnancy the following changes occurs in her body:

The First Trimester:

During the first trimester, a mother body starts storing nutrients for the growth of fetus. Many women feel frequent mood swing due to hormonal changes. Frequent urination and feeling morning nausea is also very common. Physical changes include changes in bre@st and v@gina.

The Second Trimester:

According to many women this is the best part of pregnancy because the "baby bump" starts appearing during this trimester. More changes during this stage include bre@st enlargement, weight gain, heartburn, dry skin etc. Physical activities become more exciting during this trimester.

The Third Trimester:

This trimester make woman's excitement and anxiety to grow further. Her discomfort continues to grow and her movement becomes more uncomfortable because of the limited space within the womb.

The Childbirth Process

Like pregnancy, it is also proceeds in three phases.

Stage 1: Early labor, active labor and transition phase all these are included in this phase. It is the longest stage of labor and occurs until cervix is fully dilated.

Stage 2: It begins from the time the cervix is fully dilated to baby is delivered.

Stage 3: Third stage includes the delivery of placenta.

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