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Actor Sean Penn Secretly Interviewed Mexico’s ‘El Chapo’ In Hideout

The dr*g baron Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman gave an interview to the American actor Sean Penn in October, was published Saturday by Rolling Stone magazine, a meeting in the Mexican jungle that facilitated the capture of dr*g trafficker.

American rock magazine published a photo of a handshake between the American actor and "El Chapo" taken on October 2 in a jungle. Guzman was appeared in mustache in this video.

Sean Penn says Guzman, 58, welcomed him in an isolated place in the jungle by a warmth handshake and a big hug. The meeting lasted seven hours and was followed by several interviews by phone or video.

"I provide more her0in, methamphet@mine, c0caine and mar!juana than anyone in the world," says Guzman in a surprising confidence between sips of tequila.

"I have a fleet of submarines, aircraft, trucks and boats," added dr*g trafficker during this interview that the Mexican actress Kate del Castillo organized.

The Mexican government is "aware of this meeting" that helped to resume Friday.

The Mexican Attorney General Arely Gomez had said on Friday that Guzman had been in contact with actors and producers with a view to make a biopic about his life, but gave no details till now.

In another video released by Rolling Stone, the dr*g trafficker appears this time without mustache, explaining that he turned to dr*g dealing at the age of 15 years because "there was no work" and “no other way to survive”.

Asked about his responsibility in the number of addictions in the world, Guzman replied: "That is wrong. The day I shall no longer exist, this does not reduce dr*g trafficking. "

The Rolling Stone interview was published just hours after the Mexican government announced paves the way for extradition to the United States’ dr*g lord.

Here Is His Video:

Enrique Pena Nieto The president had previously denied any extradition of Guzman, but his incredible escape in July dealt a huge blow to the credibility of the government and has changed the situation.

"With reuptake of Guzmán Loera, it will engage the various extradition proceedings," said the Ministry of Justice in a statement, without providing a date for possible transfer to the United States.

Mexican judicial authorities informed that prosecutors had received last year two arrest warrants for purposes of extradition and that the lawyers of Guzman will have three days to raise objections.

They stress that they "provide input" to combat defense strategy seeking to oppose this departure.

For his part, one of the lawyers of the dr*g trafficker Juan Pablo Badillo is committed to bring the case to the Supreme Court if necessary.

"It should not be extradited because Mexico has a constitution," said the lawyer to journalists outside the Altiplano prison, where "El Chapo" was detained Friday night after his capture.

The hunt for the dr*g trafficker was completed Friday in the coastal city of Los Mochis in Sinaloa, his home region, where the Mexican Marines conducted a raid in which five of the dr*g trafficker gunmen were killed and a soldier was also wounded.

Hours later, Guzman was taken away in an army helicopter to the Altiplano prison, from where he escaped on July 11, through a tunnel of 1.5 km dug in the shower of his cell.

He Managed To Escape From Jail Through This Hole:

The investigators were monitoring the house from where Guzman was arrested Friday, since December.

During the shooting, Guzman and his security chief tried to escape through the drainage system of the city. After borrowing a line about a kilometer, the two men left through a manhole and stole a vehicle before finally being arrested by the military.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Guzman is asked whether the Government intended to kill rather than capture him alive.

"No, I think if they find me, they stop me. Of course, "he replies.

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