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Dads Posted These On Facebook And Failed Badly

First of all, let us accept the some facts, first "we can't live without facebook", second "we all love our dad", third "we invited them on facebook and make them to use it", fourth "we hate when they comment on our pics and on our friend’s pic". The last fact is very serious. With the help of technology, we make our dad to stay connected to us. But by doing this, we also created some short of awkwardness for us. This awkwardness is due to the facts that many times our dad does something very strange on facebook that make us the matter of jokes in front of our friends. Today we are sharing some similar kind of incidents, where dads make their children to feel embarrassed.

So, prepare yourself to laugh on these modern day daddy failures.

#1. When Your Dad Appreciating Your $exiness.

You fill disturbing.

#2. When Dad Dressed His Child As A Cat.

And he also feed with high quality cat food.

#3. When Dad Indirectly Praised His Own Man-Thing Through Your Facebook Post.

#4. When Your Dad Knows You Too Well.

And he also tell everything he knows about you to everybody.

#5. When Your Dad Comment On Your Hot Friend's Picture.

He always give nice but rally awkward excuse in the end.

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