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Know What Your Hair Parting Style Says About You.

Like a proper makeup, proper hairstyle is also necessary to make you look perfect. In fact only proper hairstyle makes your makeup to look perfect. A proper hairstyle not just makes you to look perfect, but also make you to feel confidence and comfortable from inside.

Like our favorite color, date of birth, and favorite food, our favorite hair style and hair parting also reveals a lot about our personality. Yes, besides making us to look good, hairstyle also the window of your personality. We choose hairstyle according to our personality and this is also the reason why your best friend likes different hairstyle than you- because she/he is a different personality. If you are curious to find out what your hairstyle reveals about you, then here is a list of personality traits based on different hair style.

#1. Central/Middle Part.

Some people think that a part right in the middle of the head is out of fashion, and therefore they don't want to follow this trend. But they don't know that this hairstyle is back in trend. Many celebrities can be spotted with this hairstyle again. If you follow this hairstyle then it means that you want to have balance in your life. You want people around you to like you and sometime this creates trouble for you. However, you are a good person and always ready to help others.

#2. Right Side Part.

The part on the right of your head. If this is your favorite parting position, then you can be described by single word "empathy". They are the person who often feel said when they hear some sad news, they often cry on other's condition. Most of these people, especially the female, cry even while they are watching a serious drama scene on T.V. They are emotional, kind hearted and loving people.

#3. Left Side Part.

There are lot of things in you that can make others to feel envy about you. You are beautiful, smart, and intelligent enough to climb the ladder of success, without flirting with your boss. You are a perfect business woman (or business-man in case of male). But there is also a problem with you. You are not able to find time for your family and friends.

#4. No Part.

You are known for taking spontaneous decisions. You way of living is really inspiring for many people. You love to explore things and love to travel and to visit new places a lot.

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